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Wildflour Lunches

When you’re looking for a delicious lunch option for your next work meeting, conference, church gathering or family picnic, think about ordering box lunches for everyone. Box lunches are ideal for all types of groups or for “on the go.” From business functions to parties at home, Wildflour Market and Bakery is here to give your event flavor.

Wildflour Box Lunches

Individual lunches prepared in a wholesome and flavorful way with the freshest ingredients.

Each box lunch comes with your choice of sandwich*, tortilla chips, homemade Wildflour Greek pasta salad, and a cookie:

  • Smoked turkey and provolone
  • Roast beef and cheddar
  • Ham and swiss
  • Veggie three cheese club

$9.50 each
*Each sandwich comes with tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Assorted Sandwich Tray

A deconstructed Box Lunch set up on trays for your buffet!

Trays include the sandwiches described above and trays of Wildflour Greek pasta salad, tortilla chips and cookies.

$9.25 per person

Deli Tray Lunch

Assemble your own sandwiches with our assorted deli tray.

Meats and cheeses arranged on a deli tray and accompanied with tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and sliced bread.

  • Meats: Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham
  • Cheeses: Provolone, Cheddar, Swiss
  • Veggies: Tomato, Lettuce, Banana Peppers
  • Condiments: Mayonnaise, Spicy Mustard, Secret Sauce
  • Wildflour Greek pasta salad, tortilla chips and cookies.

$9.50 per person

Wildflour Dessert

Make your lunches special with a Wildflour cake or dessert tray.

All cake flavors can serve from 6 to 60 or more people. Round cakes are 3 layers, except for the carrot cake which is 2 layers.

Choose from our killer carrot cake, chocolate raspberry mousse cake, coconut cake, better than sex cake, sunshine cake, german chocolate cake, honey oat cake, italian cream cake, flourless chocolate cake, strawberry cake, lemon chiffon cake, marie antoinette cake, death by chocolate cake, mounds cake or boston cream cake.

Dessert Trays

All of our desserts are homemade in our dessert bakery where we make fresh baked products everyday.

  • Sampler — 9” Tray
    $25.95 (srv 8-12)
  • Small — 12” tray
    $50.00 (srv 15-20)
  • Medium — 16” tray
    $60.00 (srv 25-30)
  • Large — 18” tray
     $75.00 (srv 40-50)

Choose from chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin walnut cookies, preacher cookies, Nicholas and Alexandra, scottish shortbread, lemon love bar, chocolate mint parfait bar, butterscotch brownie with praline frosting, chocolate macadamia nut brownie, triple fudge brownie, cream cheese brownie, chocolate peanut butter brownie, pumpkin cream cheese brownie (seasonal), chocolate raspberry mousse brownie, low-fat chocolate brownie, cream puff, cheesecake with raspberry sauce, or flourless chocolate cake.


 Drinks are available at an additional charge
All dishes on the Wildflour Restaurant and Bakery regular menu is available for take out.

Call or email Wildflour Restaurant and Bakery, we are happy to offer our assistance in placing your order.