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When thinking of the Wildflour Market and Bakery most people think of our cakes and their wonderful taste and selection. We sell them by the slice, or by the whole cake. If you need a cake for a special occasion check out our cake case and take one with you, or order one for the future with a special greeting.

Cake by the Slice—$5.50 each

Killer Carrot Cake – made with carrots, cinnamon, walnuts, coconut, and pineapple, cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake – devil’s food cake filled with chocolate mousse and raspberry sauce with chocolate frosting.
Coconut Cake – white coconut cake with coconut cream filling, whipped cream frosting and shredded coconut.
Better Than Sex Cake – devil’s food cake with chocolate chips and pecans baked inside; caramel buttercream frosting and striped with caramel and chocolate ganache.
Sunshine Cake – yellow cake, chocolate frosting
German Chocolate Cake – German chocolate cake filled and topped with caramel/pecan/coconut/chocolate frosting.
Honey Oat Cake – oatmeal cake filled and topped with caramel/pecan/coconut icing
Italian Cream Cake – buttermild cake with pecans and coconut , coconut cream filling, cream cheese frosting.
Strawberry Cake – made with strawberries, cream cheese frosting.
Lemon Chiffon Cake – lemon cake filled and topped with lemon curd, buttercream frosting.
Marie Antoinette Cake – yellow cake filled with Bavarian cream and raspberry sauce, buttercream frosting, topped off with more raspberry filling.
Death by Chocolate Cake – devil’s food cake filled and topped with chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting.
Mounds Cake – devil’s food cake filled and topped with coconut cream filling, chocolate frosting.
Boston Cream Cake – white cake with Bavarian cream and chocolate ganache filling, covered in chocolate ganache.

Whole Cakes

Wildflour Restaurant and Bakery takes pride in our selection of delicious cakes, sold by the slice or whole cake. For special occasions see our cakes for sale in our display case and buy one “to go”, or order a custom cake for the future. Special greeting included in all cake prices* additional prices may apply for added toppings, fillings and decoration.

Note: all cake flavors are available in the sizes below … round cakes are three layers, except for the carrot cake which is two layers. *we have sheet cakes for larger parties. They are 2 layers and we can tailor them to your specifications.

Round Cakes

6 inch round (serves 6 to 8) – $23.00
9 inch round (serves 14 to 16) – $35.00

Sheet Cakes (double layer)

9 x 13 (serves 25 to 30) – $48.00
11 x 15 (serves 35 to 40) – $58.00
12 x 18 (serves 55 to 60) – $78.00

Evie also makes wedding cakes and would love to set up a consultation and tasting for the special date! Inquire at the counter or go to to make an appointment.

Need something other than cake?
We also offer Dessert Trays

Sampler (serves 8 to 12) – $25.95
Small (serves 15 to 20) – $50.00
Medium (serves 25 to 30) – $60.00
Large (serves 40 to 50) – $75.00


Wildflour Bakery is known for our lucious cakes.
Our motto for
everyone is “Let them eat cake!”